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Flashpoint Q&A's



From your Dashboard in Flashpoint:

  • Click on My Company.
  • Click Work Reports and you should see the apprentice name with hours waiting for approval.
  • Click on the empty area under “National ID” to view the daily breakdown of each apprentice and make sure there are no holidays or vacation days submitted.
  • Click the back arrow at the top of page to return to the approval section.
  • If changes need to be made, reject the hours and the apprentice will automatically be notified via email that they need to re-enter them.
  • If hours are ok to approve, click the empty box to the far left of his/her name.
  • Click “Approve Selected” or “Reject Selected.”


From your Dashboard in Flashpoint:

  • My Company, you will see your list of apprentices, then click OJT Hours.
  • Click on entered by Company, then edit to enter apprentice’s OJT hours by category. Once hours are entered in the correct category, hit Save Hours. Then you are finished and can move on to another apprentice.
  • Employers enter the OJT’s the same way as apprentices do; however there is automatic approval when the
    education contact enters them.


From your Dashboard in Flashpoint:

  • Click My Company.
  • Select which apprentices you’d like to look at (check the empty check box to the left of their name).
  • Click on lower printer icon with drop down arrow (in upper right corner).
  • Click Total OJT hours.
  • Click Only selected rows, hit render.
  • It will download a .pdf file that will show all hours that have been entered by month.


From your Dashboard in Flashpoint:

  • Employer viewing grades (can only do 1 student at a time).
  • From your Dashboard in Flashpoint.
  • Click on my company.
  • Click on an apprentice name.
  • Click on student profile, all classes they’ve been enrolled in will show up with grades.
  • To print, just right click anywhere on the screen and click the print button.


From the Dashboard in Flashpoint:

  • Click on “My Company” on the left then “Employees.”
  • Check the box by the employee you want to see.
  • Click the printer drop down on the upper right next to the binoculars.
  • Select the desired report to download.

You are now able to run 2 reports.

  1. To show your apprentice’s individual assignment grades.
  2. To show each apprentice’s OJTs that have been entered.


From your Dashboard in Flashpoint:

  • Click on “My Company” on the left.
  • Click on the Apprentice’s name you want to view.
  • Click Student Profile at the top.
  • The specific class they are in is listed at the bottom and the status is “enrolled. Under Upcoming Class Days, only
    the first 10 days of class will show; all daytime classes will have 12 days of class.