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Welding & Craft Training

Welding is a craft that requires both proper training and proper practice. Contrary to common belief, years of experience does not guarantee higher quality workmanship. A welding operator can perform the same welds over and over incorrectly for years and get more consistent but the result is the same, low quality.

The quality of workmanship is only improved when the welder understands how to critically inspect and evaluate weld quality, what makes a good weld and why. 

Rick Cowman, President of Welding Training Solutions, has 45 years of experience in the welding trade and has been training welders for over 30 years. His company provides on-site welding training for manufacturing fabrication and maintenance craftsmen for ABC of Iowa. This trade includes welder certification training and testing, structural and pressure vessel welding training, sanitary welding training, tool and die welding training, training for QC and engineering and welding safety training. 


No classes are available at this time.
For questions, contact Ginny Shindelar at 515-985-1175.